Butler’s Sales and Services offers an extensive array of service for Chimneys, Dryer vent, Grills, Gas stove, Wood pellet stoves, and fireplaces. Installation is also available. We service all products you purchase from Butler’s. 

We have a wide variety of Parts for Gas stoves, Wood Pellets, Fireplaces and more. Call us today and we’ll help you find the part you need.

Butler’s Sales and Service specializes in Masonry, General Construction, Decorative Concrete.  Call us today

Before and After on our stone and concrete work!

Decorative Concrete

Butler’s does stamped concrete work for your patios, sidewalks, driveways etc. We specialize in stone and rock work, fireplaces and any interior or exterior projects.

Dryer Vent Cleaning and Service, Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

The third leading cause of house fires is from your dryer vents. We recommend yearly clearing and this will help you save on home drying costs.

Butler’s thoroughly inspects the inside and outside of your chimney to ensure proper functionality.

Chimney Repair for Exterior and Masonry

Butler’s assesses the state of your chimney. We repair Brick, Stone, Mortar and any masonry issues. We can service crowns, caps and review anything related to waterproofing.

Butler’s has extensive knowledge and expertise in Masonry work. We focus on anything from Foundations to Flatwork.